Connect to Instagram

When you connect your Instagram profile to eqolot, the following happens:

1. you select only the Instagram Business Accounts you want to add as eqolot channels

2. eqolot will automatically collect the insights every few days

3. you can revoke the connection anytime from the Facebook Business integrations settings

Requirements for connecting to Instagram

The automated Instagram connection is only available for Instagram Business Accounts that are connected to a Facebook Page. This is a requirement of the Facebook Instagram platform.

To connect your Instagram Business Account to a Facebook page, please follow the official documentation on this page.


Does eqolot get access to my entire Facebook account?

No. In the connection interface, you can select exactly what information is shared with eqolot, which Instagram Accounts, which Facebook Pages and how your information is used.


Do clients get access to my channel data?

Insights data is not visible to clients until the creator decides to apply for a campaign.

When a creator applies to a campaign, the campaign client will get see some of your Insights. This is includes the top countries and age groups of the audience, as well as the total reach and general engagement level of your recent publications.

Personal information (real name, email, address) is never shared nor sold to 3rd parties. The exception is campaigns that require shipping a product, in which case we may ask creators to share their info with the client.

Why do I need to share my Facebook pages with eqolot when I add an Instagram channel?

Instagram Insights are only available through a Facebook interface for businesses that relies on the Facebook pages for the connection. This is enforced by Facebook and we at eqolot can't do anything about it.

Do I still have to upload screenshots of my insights?

No. Insights are collected automatically and there is no need to manually upload screenshots.