The Matching Rank indicates how compatible your profile is with current and upcoming campaigns.

It is based on the the following criteria:

  • How well your content matches the campaign requirements
  • The number of followers and how it changes recently
  • The engagement level that your publications generates
  • The location and dominant age group of your audience

The Matching Rank can change over time, as we have new clients with new campaign requirements, and as your channel evolves.

In the future, we will extend the Matching Rank to every campaign instead of having a general one for your channel. This will give you a better overview of your compatibility and chances to get selected.


What rank do I need to make sure I get selected for campaigns?

There is no strongly enforced limitation, but in general profiles with three or more stars have better changes. However, we often have "niche" campaigns where popularity isn't everything and your voice is more important than the data.

How can I improve my channel's matching rank?

The most important factors in the matching rank are having engaging content and a large audience. Having a significant part of your audience in Germany is also very important, at least at the moment.

Other factors, like how well your content fits the current campaigns is also relevant, but this is not something you can impact and will change often.