Screenshots from your Post-Insights

In the following we show you how to get the Screenshots we need:

  1. click on the corresponding post in your own feed
  2. click on “View Insights” (highlighted in blue below the picture)
  3. take a screenshot of this view, so that we can verify that the data belongs to the correct post (see left picture)
  4. swipe up 1 time to get to the full view of the Insights and take another screenshot of it
  5. the following content/data must be visible: Number of Likes (Heart), Number of Comments (Speech bubble), Number of Shares (Flyer), Number Saved (Flag), Interactions, Discovery: Range & Impressions

Here you will find two example screenshots as we need them. The data marked in pink must be visible:


Screenshots from your Story-Insights

The story insights are still available in the Instagram App even after several months.

In the following we show you how to get the view, which we need via screenshot:

  1. click on the 3 small lines in the top right corner of your feed view
  2. click on ACHIVE (Important: NOT Insights!)
  3. now click on Archive in the top middle and select Stories
  4. now click on the first story part of the campaign
  5. swipe the story image/video up and you will get a view where you might not see anything at first
    • this is because you are in viewer mode, which is indicated by the little blue eye in the upper left corner
    • click on the small bar chart next to the eye until it is blue
    • now you see the required view with data about your story part
  6. the following must be visible on the screenshot, you may have to scroll and take 2 screenshots depending on the screen size: your story part above as picture, interactions, reach and impressions

ATTENTION: We need a separate screenshot of EVERY single story sequence (video, picture, etc.)!

Here you will find an example screenshot of how we need it. The data marked in pink must be visible:


Screenshots from your IGTV-Insights

We need the following 2 screenshots on which the following need to be visible:

  • Views
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Audience retention (second screenshot with graphical view)


Screenshots from your Reels-Insights

The following need to be visible on your screenshots

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Plays