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Is eqolot GDPR compliant? Straight answer: Yes

Like for any company that processes personal data of EU citizens, the General Data Protection Regulation applies to blogfoster GmbH. We invest a lot of time and money to protect your data and to ensure compliance with GDPR. On this page we explain to you which measures we take (among other things).

Is eqolot Insights GDPR compliant?

Yes. Although eqolot collects IP addresses of visitors to your blog, it anonymizes them immediately, so as not to allow any conclusions about individuals. All other statistical evaluations are carried out anonymously. In addition, we offer a data processing contract.

What else is the blogfoster GmbH doing to comply with GDPR?

Here is an excerpt of the measures and regular activities. This list is not complete, but serves as a guide to how we approach GDPR:

Reduction of personal data and tools
We have built eqolot so that we can work with you with as little personal information as possible. You will only need to provide additional personal information if you have actually found a suitable campaign. Before that, the use of eqolot with just your name and email address is possible. More information can be found at "Your Data"
External privacy expert
Privacy is a complex issue. That’s why we decided to hire an external expert who deals with privacy issues on a daily basis. Our privacy expert also reviews the implementation of privacy policies. More information can be found at Contacts.
Encryption of your data
We only store your most important data, namely billing data and API tokens to other platforms (such as Pinterest) when encrypted. If it comes to the extremely unlikely event that someone steals your data, he/she can not do anything with it.
Data order processing by third parties
We have signed contracts with all providers of tools who process personal information on our behalf to make sure they are GDPR compliant.
Training of employees
Each eqolot employee has signed an additional agreement of confidentiality to handle personal data carefully. In addition, we regularly have internal trainings to ensure compliant handling of data.
Access controls
Only the employees who are allowed to work with your personal data have access to it. Access to data and tools is controlled via a single-sign-on system so access can be quickly withdrawn.
Documentation of activities and processes
With regards to GDPR, we have documented all processes that process data. In addition, there is a documentation of all tools which a contract data processing contract has been concluded with. Only these processes and tools are used in daily operations.

This is just an excerpt of the measures and regular activities. If you have further questions, you will find a contact person for your questions here.

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