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General Questions

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eqolot offers you various opportunities to successfully earn money with your blog, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube channel. At eqolot you will find a variety of cooperation partners for sponsored campaigns. We take care of the communication with the customer, the billing and the reporting.
eqolot is not a blogging platform that allows you to create a blog. We help you monetize your blog, YouTube or Instagram channel.
Currently we offer collaborations for blogs, Instagram and YouTube.
An account at eqolot is not associated with any costs and has no duration. You always see transparently how much revenue you can generate with a campaign.
We are constantly working with various international and national brands in the areas of Fashion, Food, Family, Sports, Travel, Tech etc.. A selection of brands we have already worked with: Unilever, OTTO, Rotkäppchen Fruchtsecco, The Body Shop and many more.
This can be due to several reasons:

1. Your channels are not connected

Connect your blog, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube channel with eqolot. Also check if your blog is correctly connected to Google Analytics.

2. Minimum campaign requirements are not met
Most campaigns start at 1,000 monthly page views for blogs, 1,000 followers for Instagram and Tiktok, and 1,000 subscribers for YouTube.

3. No campaigns available

In rare cases, there may be no collaborations available for your category right now or you already applied to all of them. Just check back in a few days. If all these reasons do not apply, and you still can't see any campaigns, contact our support at:
1. as a rule, the minimum requirements for cooperations are:

- blogs from 1,000 monthly page views

- Instagram from 1,000 followers

- TikTok from 1,000 followers

- YouTube from 1,000 subscribers

2. for some blog cooperations, traffic from a specific country (e.g. for Austrian products) is required.


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We will change your e-mail address in the eqolot system for you. Send us an email with your old and new email address to
We will change your channel name in the eqolot system for you. Send us an email with your old and new name to


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When you log in to your eqolot account, you can discover exciting campaigns that match your channels. You can also always see how much you can earn with this cooperation.

You submit a short idea for the implementation of the cooperation on the platform. We forward your idea to our advertising partner. This then decides on the selection of influencers.

If your channel has been selected for cooperation, you will receive all further information and, if necessary, products. Please accept the order as soon as possible after the acceptance in the eqolot app. At the end of a cooperation, we will book the revenues to your eqolot account and transfer the earnings.
For each application you will receive an email with an acceptance or rejection. Sometimes there may be delays in the course of the campaign. However, you will always receive a reply. You can also view the campaign status under My Campaigns in the corresponding cooperation.
For each cooperation there is a responsible campaign manager. You can reach the campaign managers at Please indicate the cooperation in the subject line.
The decision whether you are selected for a cooperation is always made by the advertising customer. After checking the applied channel we simply create a list of suggestions from which the customer then selects the influencers. On the one hand, the criteria of the campaign are decisive for whether you make it onto the suggestion list, but on the other hand, we also look at each channel in detail. A good, meaningful pitch also increases your chances of being selected by the client.
If there are any delays in the cooperation process, we will try to notify you. If your preview has already been submitted, we will adjust the publication slightly. If you have any questions or problems, please contact as soon as possible, indicating the cooperation.
It is already known from the print media that advertising must be labeled by law, otherwise it is surreptitious advertising. This also applies to the online area. Therefore, all paid contributions at eqolot must be marked accordingly. Links to advertising partners are set as nofollow.
Once you have submitted your pitch, it is not possible to change the content via the eqolot app. If you have forgotten an important point in your pitch, please contact
For Instagram collaborations, you can upload your image and caption directly. For blog posts, check out this tutorial. For YouTube, see this tutorial.
For some campaigns, the integration of a visual or CTA is part of the requirements, which should be provided with a tracking link. Insert the visual as an image; then you can edit the settings of your image in the editor and insert the tracking link. Please note that the tracking link must also have the no-follow attribute.
We'll notify you for campaigns that match your profile. However, you should check carefully to make sure that your channels are properly connected to Insights. Since the email often offers campaigns from multiple channels, you may not meet the requirements for all campaigns.
If you participate in a campaign where you receive products, you will be asked for your address. Please consider in advance which address you will give us - a later change is not possible.


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That depends very much on how actively you want to earn money with your channels: How many collaborations do you want to enter per month?

With eqolot, you decide that 100% yourself. Depending on the degree of advertising utilization, you can generate constant monthly income with your channels.

Before you submit a pitch for a campaign, you can see exactly how high the remuneration will be. Connect your channels to see your compensation.
If you cooperate with eqolot, we will create a credit note as a PDF for you at the end of the month, which you can download in your profile under revenue. This credit will be transferred to your account after 45 days at the latest. If you work with us continuously, this period will be shortened significantly and we will transfer your earnings faster. Here are the rules:

If you work with us for the first time, you will receive your transfer already after 31 days.
If you have implemented 3 months in a row campaigns with eqolot, you will receive the payment of the credit already after 15 days.
If you have received 2 credits in the last 3 months, you will receive your payment after 31 days.
If you have worked with us only 1 time in the last 3 months, you will receive the payment after 45 days.
In your eqolot account settings you will find the option VAT liable yes/no under the category billing.

YES: You are liable to VAT and have a tax number or VAT identification number. Your credit notes will be issued with sales tax.

NO: You are not liable to sales tax, because you claim the small business privilege and have not opted for sales tax. Credit notes are issued without sales tax.

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