Google Analytics Integration

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Google Analytics Integration

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If you already have your blog linked to Insights (with the script we used previously) you will need to update your channel to the new version with Google Analytics.

New blogs can only be added and used with the Google Analytics integration.

Yes. Transferring is easy, go to the Channels Overview for that. If a channel needs to be transferred, it will be shown in the list.

There you will also find a description of the steps to perform the process. Your compensation will be automatically transferred to your transferred blog with Google Analytics.

Yes, but it is not a built-in function. Unfortunately, you cannot deny or grant access to isolated sites, but only to all sites. However, there is another way that may suit you:

  1. Create a new Google account, such as:
  2. Log in to the Google Analytics Admin area with your old account and share the relevant information with the new account.
  3. On the eqolot website, you can then connect both channels to your new Google Account.

The Google Analytics connection allows eqolot to access older data as well. So we can immediately analyze the performance of your blog and calculate a price.
Yes you can remove the Insights script from your blog. All campaigns with were tracked with the script are done and reported.
Google Analytics is a prerequisite to connect a blog with eqolot and for participation in collaborations.
Yes, we do not receive any personal data via the Google Analytics integration. An additional note in your privacy policy is therefore not necessary. Please make sure that you integrate Google Analytics into your blog in a privacy-compliant manner.
No, only the Google Analytics information from the respective account is shared with eqolot. The password for your Google account is not available to us.
No, your compensation will remain the same after updating with Google Analytics.
The statistics in eqolot Insights will always be almost identical to the Google Analytics reports. The "Details" page in your blog will be replaced with a link that will take you directly to your Google Analytics report.

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